Astra Zenica

A hulked transport ship in the Rubycon system.


Constructed in 401.M41, the Astra Zenica was originally an Imperial Navy mobile refinery vessel, assigned to aid in the mining operations of the Fydae system. When the resources dried up, about a century after its construction, it was sold to a now dead Rogue Trader dynasty, who converted it to be a passenger ship and installed a loyal and subservient crew. It dutifully ferried passengers all over the Calxis sector, even after the dynasty it had worked for perished over a century later and continued to do so up until its final voyage.

On 823.M41 the Astra Zenica suffered a catastrophic Warp drive failure while translating to real space in the Rubycon system. This failure allowed the Immaterium to collapse back in on itself before the ship had fully exited the Warp. As a result, the ship was severed in two and everything from the bridge back was dragged back into Warp. Although a few thousand passengers and crew survived, most were stranded at Port Wander and have since taken up residence there-either unable to afford their way back off, or too afraid to ever set foot near a starship again.

To this day, Tech Priests can be seen shuttling to and from the hulk in an attempt to uncover what happened. The forward section of the Astra Zenica remains adrift in the outer system at a frequented warp point, serving as a grim reminder to the dangers of Warp travel.

Astra Zenica

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