Blinding Ranger

A Firestorm Frigate, designed for long range operations.


Full Ship Report

Hull Firestorm Class Frigate
Speed 8 Armour 19
Manoeuverability 18 Hull Integrity 41
Detection 25 Turret Rating 1
Space Max 40 Power Max 46
Space Used 36 Power Used 46
Crew Status
Morale 100% Crew 102%
Crew Rating 30 Crew Quality Common
  • Essential Components
    • Modified Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive (Best)
    • Markov 1 Warp Engine (Best)
    • Warpsbane Hull (Best)
    • Repulsor Shield
    • Command Bridge
    • Ancient Life Sustainer
    • Pressed-Crew Quarters
    • Deep Void Auger Array
  • Weaponry
Sunspear Laser Battery – Dorsal
Strength 4 Crit 4
Damage 1d10+2 Range 9
Sunhammer Lance – Prow
Strength 1 Crit 3
Damage 1d10+3 Range 9
  • Supplemental Components
    • Arboretum (Good, -1 Power)
    • Armor Plating
    • Reinforced Interior Bulkheads
    • Teleportarium


Commissioned in 280.M39 and assigned to the Angevin Crusade, the Blinding Ranger was originally an Imperial Navy vessel designed for long range recon and engagements. In the year 479.M39 during a routine recon to identify potential threats of a minor xenos inhabiting a system in the Malefian Sub-Sector, it was fired upon by a undetected planet-based weapon and thought destroyed.

In 798.M41, a Rogue Trader discovered the ship on a planet in the outer reaches of a nearby system, still in-tact and invested a small fortune in its recovery. The Blinding Ranger was towed to Port Wander for repairs. Unfortunately the Rogue Trader perished before the repairs were complete and now the ship sits idle in one of Port Wander’s docks, waiting to be claimed by someone who can afford to pay the docking fees.

Ship Analysis

Analysis of the Blinding Ranger indicate the following:
Features long range weaponry, powerful augur arrays and enhanced engines, gellar shielding and life support systems. Furthermore, additional bracing has been added, left over during its recovery. Additionally, an elevated presence of Adeptus Mechanicus have been noted in and around this vessel, possibly indicating rare technology, though have not laid any claims to the vessel.
However, the power systems are under full utilization and many components appear to have been specifically customized to fit this particular ship.
Conclusion: Excellent vessel for scouting and exploration, limited, if any, modificaitons without extensive overhauls to other systems.

Blinding Ranger

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