It's All Gone

Steward's Log

It’s all gone… our ships, our colonies, our stations – everything but the ship that I serve on. I’d say I should start at the beginning but that’s just it – I went to bed last night, our Dynasty a thriving empire that brought the Emperor’s light to countless worlds in the Expanse and amassed wealth beyond imagine and this morning, there’s no record of any of it and no one has even heard of my Lord outside the ship’s crew.

I need to calm down. We still have our Warrant and I verified that it is still valid with the Administratum. Furthermore, my Lord has an heir in the Calixis sector. I must find them and deliver the news of our Dynasty’s fall and pray to the Emperor that they will seek out what happened and rebuild what we lost. My family has dutifully served my Lord for 13 generations now as steward and friend and I can not – nay, I will not be the one to let down my family and my Lord.

Tomororw, I’ll seek out the ship’s Captain and determine its status then we shall depart to find the Heir. I must find the Dynasty’s heir.

End Steward’s Log.



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