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  • Candidates

    h2. Candidates

    Candidates are any known assets (personnel, ship, planet, technology, _etc_) that have been noted to be of some use to this Dynasty. Candidates are sorted below by asset type with an abbreviated version of their specializations. …

  • Kelly Kingston

    Born on a forge world in the Cinerus Maleficum subsector of the Koronus Expanse on 799.M41. Forge world was attacked and subsequently destroyed on 811.M41 by an unknown hostile. Kelly, being the only survivor was able to salvage the wreckage from various …

  • Blinding Ranger

    h3. Overview Commissioned in 280.M39 and assigned to the Angevin Crusade, the Blinding Ranger was originally an Imperial Navy vessel designed for long range recon and engagements. In the year 479.M39 during a routine recon to identify potential …

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