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  • Star Ships

    h2. Starships

    Listing known ships by name, class and affiliation. |_. Name |_. Class |_. Affiliation | | [[:astra-zenica | Astra Zenica]] | Jericho | N/A | |[[:blinding-ranger | Blinding Ranger]] | Firestorm | N/A |

  • Astra Zenica

    Constructed in 401.M41, the Astra Zenica was originally an Imperial Navy mobile refinery vessel, assigned to aid in the mining operations of the Fydae system. When the resources dried up, about a century after its construction, it was sold to a now dead …

  • Blinding Ranger

    h3. Overview Commissioned in 280.M39 and assigned to the Angevin Crusade, the Blinding Ranger was originally an Imperial Navy vessel designed for long range recon and engagements. In the year 479.M39 during a routine recon to identify potential …

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