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  • Zygoid

    h2. Zygoid

    h2. System Hazard: p. Prone to sudden warp storms. Advise limiting time in system to avoid losing intersystem travel capabilities. h3. Overview p. A small system with a M4 V Red Dwarf star. Originally considered for a …

  • Star Systems

    h2. Star System Data-Arc

    Displaying list of known star systems, sorted by sub-sectors: h2. Koronus Expanse Sector h3. Heathen Stars [[Crescent Stars | Crescent Stars]] h3. Ragged Worlds h3. Rifts of Hecaton h3. Accursed Demesne …

  • Rubycon II

    h2. Rubycon System

    h2. System Hazards: p. A quarantine is in effect for all non-Mechanicus starship in near the planet Skiri. Violation of this quarantine could result in lost of life and ship. h3. Overview A binary star system …

  • Zone 15

    h2. Zone 15

    h2. System Hazards: p. Access to this system is restricted by authority of the Imperial Navy. h3. Overview p. Officially named System Designate 028-3B8-4D, this system consist of a red dwarf star, an inner asteroid belt, …

  • Crescent Stars

    h2. Overview Five fertile star systems all linked together with stable warp routes. The name is dervied from the Crescent shaped that seen on navigators star charts. h2. Star Systems h3. Peak h3. Waning h3. Grey Line h3. Waxing h3. …

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