System Hazard:

Prone to sudden warp storms. Advise limiting time in system to avoid losing intersystem travel capabilities.


A small system with a M4 V Red Dwarf star. Originally considered for a mining colony to support Port Wander, the project was abandoned after the tendency for warp storm activity was discovered.

Orbital Bodies

  • Inner Cauldron
    • I. 0.14 AU – Asteroid Belt
  • Primary Biosphere
    • II. 0.24 AU – Metal Rich Planet
  • Outer Reaches
    • III. 0.36 AU – Rock World
    • IV. 0.59 AU – Rock World
    • V. 1.05 AU – Ice World
    • VI. 2.10 AU – Ice World

System Details

Zygoid II

A survey of this planet was conducted during the initial exploration of this system and the results are as follows:
Rich in iron, silicon & titanium.
Nitrogen & sulfur dioxide atmosphere at a maximum pressure of 24.47 kPa.
No liquid water. 21% surface coverage of ice.
Temperature range of 179 K to 417 K with a mean of 292 K.


824.M41 nerdnosyd